Carriers of the Cross

A casual, family-friendly, Christian-led, Horde Guild.

World of Warcraft - Server: Nazgrel

About Us

Carriers of the Cross is a casual, family-friendly, Christian-led Horde guild on the World of Warcraft server of Nazgrel. And we would love for you to join us!

We are a member of SOLA, a Christian gaming community, and you can chat with us on their Discord Server (Discord link on our Contact Us page).

If you want to know more about us, you should check out our Guild Charter, which gives you way more information than you probably want to know about who we are and how we operate.

If you are considering joining us, check out our Code of Conduct and Member Rules, and then fill out an application.

Recommended Addons

Certain addons can help the guild out. This can help with sharing information among guild members or help the guild out in more shiny ways.


    • Allows you to automatically donate a portion (default & recommended 10%) of gold received during questing to the guild bank. This helps the guild with unlocking perks and additional tabs.

Guild Greet Extended

    • We use guild greet to not only help remind us to be active in the guild chat (Nobody likes a dead chat), but to also track who is who in guild chat. Whenever someone speaks it puts their alias next to their name so you can easily track who is who. (Names used are the persons nickname in SOLA's Discord server).

Guild Recruitment Helper

    • When properly configured this addon assists us in recruiting. Be careful that you don't cause annoying spam in the channels. This should only be installed by officers or those with recruitment privileges.

Upcoming Guild Events

Also make sure to check the in-game guild calendar and RSVP to events there so we know to expect you.